Happy Monday, guys. If that's even possible. Anyways, TV Guide has blessed us with some new December 6th, 2016 teaser scoopage for your favorite "Days Of Our Lives" soap opera. It looks like they were pretty generous with their offerings too, because we got not one, or two, but a whopping four storyline teasers to for this installment! Some of them sound quite serious too as Adrienne is going to get hit hard with some very upsetting news! Thomas and Chad might find out some really important intel, and more.

What's she going to do about this?

In the new Tuesday, December 6th, 2016 episode, we're going to see Adrienne, possibly get really upset. I mean, it sounds like she should get really upset as they describe that she is going to get some very devastating news, delivered to her at some point! So,this should serve for a very dramatic and interesting scene as we see how she deals with this so-called devastating news.

Andre gives Gabi advice

Next, we learn that Gabi is going to get a lot of attention from Andre, because he's going to be very busy, trying to convince her that she shouldn't be working for Chad.

I imagine that scene should feature quite a bit of drama, so that'll be interesting to watch. Will Gabi heed Andre's advice, or will she just tell him to take hike? We'll certainly find out.

Abigail gets pressure from JJ

Elsewhere, we find out that Thomas and Chad could be on the verge of learning a very important revelation that Abigail is actually alive! The only thing that stands between them, finding out, is whether or not JJ can convince Abi to tell them.

It's described that JJ will certainly try to get her to do just that. It just remains to be seen if she'll go ahead and do it. If she does, that will definitely give us a very dramatic scene.

Jade really likes Kayla's house

Alright, and for this last spoiler teaser, the reveal is pretty light as they just indicate that Jade will start feeling quite good about Kayla's house. They describe that she's going to really make herself feel comfortable there.

Maybe that'll turn into an intriguing scenario or not. It seems pretty light to me, though. We'll see. Stay tuned.

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