Alright guys. So, here's the deal. We were able to ,currently, get our hands on just one storyline spoiler scoop for the upcoming "Days Of Our Lives" Monday, December 5th, 2016 episode. However, we're going to be able to give you a couple of other, juicy goodies that aren't assigned to a specific day, so you won't feel like you walked away empty handed. With that said, the Monday show sounds quite interesting as more bonding comes into play with Hope and her new gal pal, Hattie.

A compelling experience is revealed

Here is how the people are describing what is set to take place in the upcoming Monday, December 5th episode. It turns out that we're going to see Hattie, tell Hope the story about how she got thrown into the slammer as the two are currently rotting in jail. Apparently, Hattie's story will be quite stimulating to say the least, because it's described that they're going to continue to bond after it's told. So, you guys should expect to see some interesting footage, take place between those two.

Hope might get out

Again, that's all we've got for the Monday episode at the moment, but we did manage to scrounge up some other things that are going to take place in this upcoming week. We just can't attach a specific day to them. With that said, it's revealed that we're going to see Shane, Steve and Rafe combine forces at some point in an effort to get Hope out of Jail! We'll also see Shawn, show back up on the scene to offer up some support to Hope.

Justin tries to stop it

In the next reveal, we're going to see The Spectator get a new employee with the hiring of Anne, and Jennifer is going to be her editor. Elsewhere, we're going to see some pretty heavy drama, go down with Lucas and Adrienne's wedding, because at some point, Justin will reportedly, try to barge in and stop the whole thing! Apparently, Justin is going to find out some intel about Adrienne that's very serious in his mind.

So, as you can probably imagine, that will serve up a very intense scene to say the least.

Lani's got a secret to share

Lastly, we learn that Lani is going to have a secret about JJ that's so freaking huge that it's going to have her, showing back up in Salem to pay Abe a visit. They don't specifically say that she's going to tell Abe about her big discovery, but I'm guessing she's going to since she did travel all the way back to Salem and all. We'll see.

Ok, so that's it, for now. However, it's expected that NBC will drop a new promo clip for Monday's show, later today, on Youtube, so might want to look for that if you want to see some extra details.

I'm sure it will offer some, as well as deliver some good visuals. Stay tuned.

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