Happy Wednesday "Days Of Our Lives" peeps. It's hump day, which means you've made it to the middle portion of the week. In light of that accomplishment, we've got a very good set of Thursday December 29th,2016 episode spoiler scoops for you guys. Apparently, there's going to be some really disturbing things going on with Kate when she gets some very bad news, thrown at her! Eduardo and Kate get busy, plotting out how they'll get romantic with each other, and more.

Someone has been exposed

Lets go ahead and talk about this Chad and Jennifer storyline.

It turns out that Chad is going to finally find out what really went down with Abigail, and that Jennifer is going to be extremely happy about it as they described that she's just absolutely thrilled. However, more intel, reveals that she will also suggest to him that he be really understanding of the situation. Will he heed her advice? Well, we know that he's definitely going to wrestle with how to handle it, and end up, making a bold move at some point, so things will definitely get quite interesting there.

The romance is set to go down

Next, we have these two love birds, Kate and Eduardo, in action. Apparently, the upcoming New Year's holiday will get them in the mood to try to cook up some romantic plans as it's described from out TV Guide source that these two will definitely plot out some romantic situations to get themselves into on that special holiday. So, look for that steamy action to go down.

Adrienne gets some visitors

In our second to last scoop of the day, we've got Adrienne, still laid up in the hospital. However, it turns out that she will get two, very special visitors to see her. They will be Lucas and Justin. It sounds like this will be a good situation as our Soapcentral sources, say that these two guys will come to the realization that they both have Adrienne's best interest in mind.

It's not going to be good

Alright, last, but most certainly not least, we're going to see poor Kate, not have the best of moments in this one, because some very bad or upsetting news is going to get dropped on her. We don't know if someone tells her, or if she just discovers it on her own. One thing's for sure, is that she does find it out, somehow, and it's just not going to be a good situation.

That's going to do it for today, but we'll be back, as always, with Friday's big reveals ,tomorrow, so be sure to make your way back here, and stay tuned.

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