The heat is definitely about to get turned up a few notches in this next "Days Of Our Lives" December 27th, 2016 episode, guys. We were able to get our hands on an amazing couple of spoilers scoops that reveals a big conspiracy plot in regards to Chloe's baby! Andre gets some heavy problems thrown at him, thanks to Kate. Hope goes back to her inmates to build an army, and more!

Will it stick?

These teasers were brought to you by way of the TV Guide and news teams. Lets start things off with this debacle that involves Andre and Kate.

It turns out that Andre is going to give Kate a reason to think that he's been stealing from the company as they describe that she is going to end up, hurling out all kinds of accusations of him doing so! Is it true, or is Kate making things up to be an evil B? We'll see.

Some serious protection

Next, we learn that Hope is going to resort to going to her old inmates in an attempt to put an army together in an effort to fight back against her enemies! They describe that her plans are in full effect, so that will surely play out to form an interesting storyline arc, for sure.

Daniel and Nicole could be in luck

In this next scooper, we have a situation, going on with Brady and Deimos. It turns out that they don't want this Chloe baby thing to be an unproven secret anymore as they will end up, trying to formulate a plan that will bring to light the facts that prove Chloe's baby really belongs to Daniel and Nicole! Will they be able to get the job done, or will Chloe, forever, hang on to that child?

A total shocker for a few folks

Finally, we've got one last teaser to share with you guys. It turns out that we're going to see some sort of huge revelation get let out of the box, and it's going to be extremely shocking as they describe that it will send Rafe, Marlena, Roman, Steve and Kayla totally reeling from the facts that it supposedly reveals. What could it be? Why is it so alarming. Hopefully, that intel gets revealed in tomorrow's episode, and not just drug out over a few days.

Alright, guys. That's all that they gave us for today, so we're going to have to end things with that final scoop, but we'll certainly be right back here, tomorrow, to fill you guys in on what to expect in Wednesday's installment, so stay tuned.

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