Hey, "Days Of Our Lives" fans. We just got 4,new synopsis spoiler scoops for tomorrow's December 20th, 2016 episode. And man, it sounds like we'll definitely see some angry sparks fly in this one as a huge, anger-driven confrontation, plays out between Deimos and Philip at some point. Then we'll see some very intriguing stuff, take place when Joey ends up, listening in on a very vulnerable situation that involves Jade, and more!

Chloe worries herself silly

I'm going to go ahead, and start this session off with some intel that reveals what Chloe will be up to.

It turns out that we're going to see her, just absolutely wallowing in fear! The reason for this, is because she's going to be afraid that Nicole might be privy to some very significant info in regards to the baby's paternity. They reveal that Nicole could know the truth about it, and that is just going to make Chloe, shake in her boots! Does Nicole actually know the truth? Is Chloe just worrying herself crazy for nothing? We're just going to have to watch to find out. We do know that, at some point this week, Nicole is actually going to help Chloe give birth to the baby.


Lets get ready to rumble

Next, we learn about the major confrontation that's going to happen. It turns out that Philip is just going to get set off to the max, and totally go off on Deimos, thus sparking a huge argument between the two of them! We don't know if this thing is going to turn physical, but man, it's going to be interesting to find out.

Adrienne gets some support

Ok, so this next scoop, involves Kate and Adrienne.

Poor Adrienne will have to undergo her first treatment with that awful chemo therapy. However, Kate is going to be by her side to accompany her and offer some support, so that'll be a sweet, I guess.

Jade changes his mind

And to wrap this thing up, at some point, we're going to see Jade having a very vulnerable moment where she's being really sincere. Apparently, Joey is going to overhear this in secret, and it's going to change how he thinks about her.

Before this moment, he will be skeptical of her, thinking that she is just playing mind games with him. So, that'll be an interesting turn of events. Stay tuned.

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