Hey guys. Yes, it's definitely true. Your favorite "Chicago Fire" show will be out of commission ,tonight, so the new episode 9 of season 5 is getting pushed back a bit, but not too far out. It's currently on NBC's schedule to air on Tuesday night, January 3rd, 2017 at 9pm central time, so go ahead and mark that date down, so you don't forget it.

One show takes over everything

Tonight, ABC is, indeed, dedicating their whole primetime line-up to showing the big season 11 finale of their hit reality show: "The Voice," so if you're not into that whole reality talent show type of thing, I would advise that you definitely make other plans tonight.

Also, looking at the schedule for next week, it doesn't seem like it'll be any better, because they've got a big Tony Bennett birthday special that they've decided to air. Apparently, he has turned 90 years old and they want to make a big deal about it, so if you're not a Tony Bennet fan, NBC is not going to be the channel for you, next week.

Beyond next week, It's a total mystery what NBC has lined up , because our schedule doesn't go that far out. We'll know more in the next week or so. But, enough about that.

I'm guessing you guys could use some episode 9 spoiler scoops and clips to help tide you over. So guess what. That's what I've got for you! It turns out that NBC did leave us with the press release spoilers for the next installment. If that wasn't enough, they also delivered the promo clip.

Intense legal fight for Louie

I've included the promo clip (below), but first, lets get into this synopsis. They're calling this one: "Some Make It, Some Don't." In it, we're going to see Casey and Dawson have a big meet-up with Louie's biological father at some point.

They made sure to put this part in all-caps, so look for that to be one of the main storylines that are focused on. They go on to elaborate that Casey and Dawson are going to have to deal with some really important legal matters, so they can have any hope of continuing to be Louie's legal guardians!

Chief Boden doesn't like this

Next we learn that Severide is going to start resorting back to his old ways after his efforts to help out Anna with a bone marrow procedure, doesn't exactly go off as planned.

Elsewhere, we'll see Dawson get Brett to open up to her. And things are going to get pretty rowdy when some very competitive stuff goes down among certain members of the Firehouse 51 crew. Apparently, whatever this is, will be at the dismay of Chief Boden. It definitely sounds like some serious situations will take place in this next one.

Vehicular homicide might do him in

In the clip, Severide is spotted in some very serious trouble as he gets accused of causing a major accident with his Mustang, and then leaving the scene! He swears, he had nothing to do with it. If that's not enough, the girl he's accused of injuring, dies a few hours later, so his charges get bumped from hit-and-run to vehicular homicide!

Oh no! The clip caps off with Severide being hauled off to the slammer. Definitely, check that clip out, below, and stay tuned.

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