Alright, so the TV Guide folks were nice enough to deliver up a couple of spoiler scoops that we can expect to see go down in tomorrow's December 6th, 2016 episode of CBS's hit soap opera show, "Bold And The Beautiful." These teasers sound like we'll see some pretty serious situations, take place, as Wyatt seems like he'll be feeling pretty down to the point that Quinn needs to cheer him up by telling him to be more optimistic. Katie's current living situation, sparks up major concern with Liam, because Quinn is right next door to her, and more.

We just got two for you

They didn't give us a whole lot to work with, today. We just got two, significant storyline reveals. I think that's mostly due in part to this just being a 30 minute show. Actually, probably around just 23 minutes if you include the time it takes to run their commercials. But anyways, here we go.

A very suspicious next door neighbor

The Tuesday, December 6th teasers, reveal that we're going to see Katie become the recipient of a very serious warning when Liam feels the need to be the one to deliver it to her.

She is living next door to Quinn, and given Liam's history with her, he understandably wants to warn Katie about all the consequences that could be had from living next door to her. Will she heed Liam's warnings? That remains to be seen. One thing's for sure, is that he'll be quite adamant in his delivery. It should be an interesting scene.

On the other hand, Quinn has seemed to change, these days, now that she's been all preoccupied with the whole Eric situation, but I think there's no doubt that she could easily relapse back into super crazy mode at anytime.

We'll see.

Quinn offers encouragement

For the second spoiler reveal, we're going to see Wyatt, I guess feel pretty down about what his future looks like as Quinn will feel the need to approach him with some heavy pep talk action. It's described that this pep talk will be designed to encourage Wyatt to start being more optimistic about the things that could happen in his future. So, I guess we'll be seeing if she can penetrate Wyatt's current negative view of life in this installment.

Alright, well that's all that we have for you, today. However, I'm sure that we'll see a couple of other scenes, go down this episode, but maybe the ones we covered, are going to be the main ones to be featured. The show's official Youtube channel, releases promo clips every evening, so you might want to look out for that to possibly see more information about this episode. Stay tuned.

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