Ok, so it's a beautiful Saturday morning and guess what. Spoilers are in the air for the upcoming "The Bold And The Beautiful" Monday , December 5th episode, courtesy of a new spoiler video and a couple of written spoilers that were provided by the Soaps.com people. It looks and sounds like we'll see a couple of interesting storylines play out to begin ,next week, as Quinn is spotted, actually saying a lot of good things on Steffy's behalf. Then we've got a scene that features Brooke and Ridge in bed together after getting their naughty freak on, and more.

A big choice must be made

Alright, so lets go ahead and dig into the nitty gritty of these spoilers for this Monday. It turns out that , at some point, we're going to see a major option get presented to Steffy as they describe that she is going to have to make a big decision. We'll see a lot of passion and serious talk, coming from Eric as he tries to make his position and intensions for the company, perfectly clear.

Some intimate stuff goes down

Next, we learn that a very passionate scene between Ridge and Brooke, will be shown as it's revealed that the two will hit the sheets for a steamy romp session.

Or I should say, they'll make love, sleep together, get to 4th base, take things to the next level, get physical. You know. All those sayings that people use to describe two people that end up having sex with each other. That's what's going to happen folks. Ridge and Brooke are going to have sex. So, that should set up for an interesting turn of events.

Ok, that's all we got for the written spoilers.

Now, we've got this new promo/spoiler clip that we posted, below, for this next section, and it gives us some new details about what's going to take place, along with the visuals, of course. And you know what they say about an image? Yes, it speaks a thousand words.

Some very interesting vote of confidence

Anyways, the clip starts off, showing us a scene where Quinn is seen, chatting up Eric and saying some really good things about Steffy.

Apparently, she's trying to convince Eric that Steffy is the one that will be able to heal their family and bring everyone all together. So, yeah. That definitely sounds like some pretty powerful stuff and a huge vote of confidence by Quinn.

They're not trying to take over

Next, we see Wyatt, saying something about two people being good together. He seems very compassionate about it, and is speaking with a lot of conviction. At some point, Eric is seen, telling Steffy, she married Wyatt because she loves him. Brooke and Ridge are spotted in bed together, and Brooke suggests to Ridge that finding their way back, should be the title of their memoir.

Then to cap off the clip, they give us a scene with Eric, telling Steffy that Quinn has no desire to run Forrester Creations on a permanent basis, and neither does he. Steffy looks quite interested in that statement. Be sure to check it out, below, and stay tuned.

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