Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" peeps. Yep, there's definitely bad news that we have to, unfortunately, share with you. It turns out that the new Friday, December 30th, 2016 episode is not in the cards as CBS appears to be absolutely done with their soap opera shows for this week and this year. According to TV Guide and Soaps.com, they're scheduled to just air a rerun ,tomorrow, instead of giving you a new one to watch. I'm not sure why they're doing this, because New Year's day lands on this Sunday, so it's not really a holiday or anything.

It just seems like they did this, because they felt like it. Who knows?

They're taking you back to the Summer

The rerun that they will be airing, is the one they showed way back on July 28th, 2016. It involved Liam pouring out all his frustrations and resentments about Quinn to Eric over everything that was going on with Steffy at the time. There was also a situation that featured Quinn, setting up a romantic get-together with Eric. So, if you want to watch that all over again, be my guest and still tune in tomorrow.

However, I'm guessing that most of you will skip out on that one, and I don't blame you.

Steffy arranges a move

Now, on a much brighter note, the Soaps.com peeps, dished out some new spoilers that we can expect to see go down in 2017! In this first reveal, we learn that we're going to see Steffy feel the need to reside somewhere else other than where she's staying at, right now. Apparently, she'll feel that Thomas is the perfect person to live with ,at this time, as it's described that she'll be moving back in with him until her divorce process is completed.

So, get ready to see that happen.

Thomas is steaming mad

Next, we'll see Thomas, showing back up on the scene in New York, but he's not going to be in a very good mood. It turns out that he's going to be real upset, actually, because he wasn't brought up for consideration of the CEO position. So, it sounds like we'll see him, raising a fuss over that to kick in the New Year.

Katie continues to front

We've got something on the Katie and Quinn situation. It turns out that these two will continue to front with each other to keep up their frenemy situation. But how long will they be able to keep this up? That's going to be a big question, moving forward. Also, as previously reported, we'll see an obsessed Bill, still trying to make all kinds of moves in his ongoing quest to reel Brooke back from Ridge. So, that should set up some very interesting scenarios. Alright guys. I'll see you all, next week, or maybe tomorrow if we get some new Monday, January 2nd episode teasers in.

Stay tuned.

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