Happy Tuesday, guys. Here's what's going down today. We located a very interesting set of spoilers for the upcoming "Bold And The Beautiful" Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 episode. This session will only consist of about 2 storyline scoops, because well, that's all they gave us. As a consolation, they do sound extremely intriguing as we've got Eric, sitting Steffy down to give her the run-down of what he wants her to do as CEO of the company. And Ridge starts taking action to get Quinn removed from their lives, and more!

Is she actually going to do it?

For this December 28th, 2016 edition, I'm going to dive right on into this Steffy and Eric teaser.

It turns out that we're going to see Eric show a little bit of concern about the type of job he thinks Steffy will do as the new CEO of "Forrester Creations," and will feel the need to run off a list of things that he expects her to do. This little chit chat, sounds like it'll be quite serious as they describe that it'll be a heart-to-heart conversation. The question that remains, is will she actually try to do what he tells her, or will she run off and attempt to do her own thing? We'll just have to wait and see.

Somebody's got an insidious plan

In this next reveal, we have Ridge, pulling some number over on Quinn, and it will really amaze Liam. Apparently, the plan is for Ridge to set up some sort of scenario that's going to finally culminate in Quinn, getting removed from their lives for good!

From what I've read here, these beginning moves that Ridge is pulling off, are working her over with some charm.

It gets even more shocking

And later on in the week, it's going to become more apparent that he's definitely trying to seduce her! Say what? Yep. I'm serious. There's going to be some seduction action going down with this.

At some point this week, they will even go as far as to be naked together, so it's going to get real, real interesting, folks. Just hang tight.

Again though, in tomorrow's episode, we'll just be seeing the beginning stages of this plan being carried out. All the seducing and and getting naked stuff, comes later on.

I'm not sure which day just yet, but we'll certainly get that sorted out as the week continues.

Alright guys. This is our ending of the big Wednesday spoiler reveals, but remember that we'll be right back here tomorrow to give you guys the Thursday scoops, so be sure to get on back here for that.

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