Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" fans. We were able to dig up one, little spoiler scoop, today for the upcoming Monday, December 26th, 2016 episode. However, do not worry, because I was also able to get my hands on a giant scoop for Tuesday's episode, and this particular scenario is going to carry on into 2017. It's huge guys. Really huge, and pretty disturbing too. Getting back to the Monday installment, big wedding plans will definitely be in the works for the lovely Brooke and Ridge.

The plans are in effect, or so it seems

To elaborate on Monday's scoopers, it certainly sounds like Brooke and Ridge will indeed go ahead and go through with this big wedding as our source, describes that these two love birds will be very busy, trying to get everything all laid out for their big wedding day.

One thing that's very interesting in all the future teasers I've been seeing, is that there's no mention of this wedding ever actually happening, which may suggest that this next scoop I'm about to bring up, could have some merit. Will these two actually ever get married? I don't know. It seems very iffy right now.

Ok, so that does it for all the intel that we have on Monday's show. However, we definitely expect the production team to upload the promo/spoiler clip for it later on, today, on Youtube on the show's official channel. We're sure it will certainly reveal more details about it, so you'll want to be looking out for that. We may post it on this site tomorrow too.

Bill still has hope, and lots of it

Okay, now getting back to that other reveal that could have some merit. It's actually a scoop we have for Tuesday's December 27th installment, and it ties in to upcoming 2017 events. It turns out that Bill is going to, somehow, be given a reason as to why he should believe that he has a shot at getting Brooke back from Ridges clutches, and this belief will apparently, carry on into the 2017 episodes!

Is Bill actually delusional, or will he be acting on something that has some merit? Something's definitely up, because there's no mention of this wedding actually happening in the immediate future.

Ridge looking to permanently get rid of Quinn

Another thing that I found to be extremely interesting, is that we've learned that a big scheme will get plotted by Ridge, at some point after the New Year, to finally get rid of Quinn forever!

So, what the hell does that mean? Will Quinn still be alive after this plan gets executed? It certainly suggests something of that extreme nature. Anyways, stay tuned, because it's about to get really hot up in here.

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