Happy Monday "Bold And The Beautiful" fans. We're back at you, again, today to dish out what's about to go down in tomorrow's December 20th, 2016 episode, and it certainly sounds like some heavy drama will be going on with Rick and Ridge as they get extremely concerned about Steffy's well-being due to the major threat that crazy Quinn, poses. We'll also see Wyatt, becoming privy to the really significant person that's backing him up, and more. The teasers are ,once again, provided by the Soaps.com and TV Guide news teams.

Who's protecting this guy?

To get this December 20th, 2016 spoiler party started, we'll go ahead and elaborate further on this Wyatt situation. It turns out that there is going to be someone that's described as being very powerful and Influential, backing him up and giving him lots of support. They, unfortunately didn't reveal who this person is, so well have to wait to find that out when the episode airs.

Also, it turns out that Wyatt is going to eventually find out about this person, which suggests that he didn't know before.

I guess someone spills the beans to him, or maybe he overhears something. Who knows? Whatever the case, he finds out.

Can she handle Quinn?

Next, we learn that crazy Quinn's intellect is going to have Rick and Ridge, really hardcore worrying about Steffy as they describe that they're not going to be sure if Steffy has what it takes to outsmart Quinn. Hmmm. That's very interesting. Will Steffy be able to ease Ridge and Rick's concerns by showing that she's got it within her to beat Quinn to the punch?

We'll just have to wait and see.

Somebody gets proposed to

Alright, so that's all they gave us for tomorrow's episode. However, we do have some extra scoops that we can't attach to a specific day, but they will be taking place this week at some point. This first one, reveals that we're going to see a huge marriage proposal, take place, and guess who it is. It's Ridge! That's right. We're going to see Ridge get down on his knee, I'm assuming, and put a ring on Brooke's finger to ask for her hand in marriage.

Will she say, yes? is the lingering question that we'll have to wait to see in the episode.

The big Eric refusal

Lastly, Eric is going to try to invite his family to come to the huge mansion to celebrate Christmas, but it turns out that they're going to be so pissed off and upset to the point that they are just going to absolutely refuse to come! So, I imagine that will be pretty disheartening for Eric. Stay tuned.

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