Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" peeps. Thanks to the guys over at Soaps,com, we were able to get a hold of some small spoiler intel that will be going down in the upcoming Monday, December 19th,2016 episode. Oh, and I almost forgot that the show did release new spoiler clip for the show on their official Youtube channel, so we'll be taking a look at the new details from that. It certainly looks like things will get extremely dramatic with Katie and her situation with her friend when she gets worried as hell about her well being.

Quinn expresses some disturbing thoughts to Eric, and more

Katie is very concerned

To kick off next week's drama fest, The Monday, December 19th episode is going to feature a lot of new Katie scenes. According to the written spoilers, we're going to see a lot of worrying, take place on Katie's end. Apparently, she is going to be extremely worried that one of her friends could have a huge problem on their hands as they describe that she thinks they could be in great peril!

They go on to explain that Katie has located some evidence that actually reveals proof that her concerns are very valid, so it definitely sounds like that whole storyline will give us some very dramatic and intriguing scenes to watch.

For now, that's all the written spoilers that were provided for the Monday installment.

What's her freaking plan?

However, thanks to the show's release of the promo clip (below), we do have a little extra intel that we can share for this particular installment. At one point, we see Katie, engaging in a pretty serious conversation with Brooke. In the first scene, she's seen, asking Brooke if Quinn is contemplating actually harming Liam, or is she looking to break up he and Steffy's relationship, so Wyatt can move in and take another stab at it.

Quinn says disturbing things

In the next scene, we're shown a short look at Ridge, throwing in his two cents about what he thinks might be the case. There's nothing too shocking, going on with that. Then we see a scene that features Quinn in bed with Eric, telling him that sometimes, she's afraid to look over at his side of the bed when she wakes up in the morning, so that seems a bit concerning. They cut out right after she says that, so I'm curious to see how he'll respond to that statement when this one airs.

Katie wants to keep up the deception

Lastly, we were given one final scene that features Katie, telling Brooke that she's going to keep letting Quinn think that she's on her side and being a champion for her, because she's never going to forget just how dangerous she can actually be. So, there you have it. It looks like Monday's show will be a very good opener for the week. The clip, itself, didn't really show a lot of dramatics, but that certainly doesn't mean there won't be any. It did, however, show some very intriguing statements. Be sure to check it out, below, and stay tuned.

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