Yeah, the headline is true, guys. We've got a pretty long break, coming up for CBS' hit drama, "Blue Bloods," so the new, official teasers for the upcoming episode 11 of season 7, will be MIA for a little while. Apparently, the show has run into a holiday or Winter break. Whatever you want to call it, so CBS won't be airing any new episodes for it for the next three weeks. Looking at the schedule that the Futoncritic site has laid out, we've got a return date set for January 6th, 2017, so that's not too bad compared to some other shows I can think of that are scheduled to be gone for months on end.

It's going to be rerun central

The official synopsis scoops, usually get paused when this happens, because CBS and most other networks don't feel that it's necessary to get them out, right away, since the show has a couple weeks off. Lets go over what CBS has in store for the "Blue Bloods" time slot for the next three weeks. I can tell you, right off the top of my head, that they'll be airing all reruns until it's time for the new episode to air, so no lame holiday specials or anything like that.

Next week, December 16th, they're actually going to be showing a rerun that aired last season.

It was the 18th episode of season 6 to be exact. It's called: "Town Without Pity." It's the one where Frank and Danny combined forces to work a case that involved a rehabilitated ex-con that got involved in a new murder. So, basically, you'll most likely want to make other plans for next week, and the week after that, and the week after that.

A CSU tech guy is due to appear

Information for any of the new episodes after the 10th installment, which is set to air, tonight, is very scarce at the moment.

Heck, we don't even have a freaking title for it yet. We were lucky to even be able to dig up that return date, mentioned earlier. Oh, wait a minute. This just in. We just found a casting call spoiler scoop. It turns out that the show is looking to cast a caucasian male to portray a CSU tech that sports a dark polo and some Khakis. They don't indicate how significant this role is, but it's all we got for now.

The male will also be between 30 and 45 years old. It's a Non-Union role, and the role is set to film tomorrow, December 10th.

New gangsters and detectives are coming

Oh, and what do you know? These casting calls just keep on coming. We just got 2 more casting teasers for you guys. The show is looking to bring on a couple plain clothes detectives who are either male or female of any ethnicity. They'll be ages 30 to 45 years old. Next, they want to hire a couple of African American and Hispanic males, ages 18 to 30, to come on and play gang members, and they aren't shy about who they're looking for.

They straight up say, they need dudes that are sporting corn rows, blown out afros, dyed hair, shaved heads, be all blinged out with flashy kicks. If you fit that description, they want you to be there or be square.

Hopefully, some official teasers will pop up pretty soon, because CBS could release the next press release at anytime, so we'll definitely keep an eye out for it. Stay tuned.

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