Yes, unfortunately the bad news is true, guys. Everyone of you "Blue Bloods" fans are going to have to put your excitement for the new episode 11 of season 7 on hold, because CBS is not going to be airing it ,tonight, and for a few more nights to come. Apparently, the show has decided to take a brief hiatus. The good news, is it doesn't appear that it will last extremely long, because it's due back in new-episode action come January 6th, 2017 at 9pm central time, so go ahead and go write that important intel down or commit it to memory.

A season 6 rerun, dug back up

So what does CBS have on their primetime menu, since Blue Bloods is out?

Well, they're actually going to keep the show on their roster, at least, for this week with a rerun of the 18th episode of last season 6, titled: "Town Without Pity." It's the one where Danny and Franked combined their efforts to investigate a case that involved a supposed rehabilitated ex-con that got caught up in a murder situation. Erin also found out some very important intel about the alleged killer's whereabouts. If you guys saw that one, or just don't want to watch it, I would certainly suggest that you make some other plans, because that is what you'll be seeing if you flip to CBS, tonight.

We're giving you the scoops on "Genetics"

Ok, so now lets get to some more brighter news. CBS did deliver up the official press release/synopsis for episode 11 this past week.

I'll start things off with the title reveal. They're calling it: "Genetics." It's a very simple, one-word title that I believe is referring to an intense custody battle between some adoptive and biological parents that are battling over custody.

Adoption problems heat up

Yep, it turns out that some very heavy drama will ensue with a couple that is trying to adopt when the birth parents, show up on the scene to give them all kinds of problems.

This will prompt Eddie and James to get way more involved than they ever planned to be. At some point, they'll hit their wits end with it, and call on Erin to see if she can come up with some sort of resolution to this crazy case, so they can avoid it hitting the court system.

Cheating accusations get looked into

Next, there's going to be some heavy suspicion, going on about cadets cheating on their psychological exams, because there's going to be some reports that pop up about it that Frank will end up, investigating. Lastly, we're going to see Danny become privy to the fact that Jack is planning to go ahead and join the Marines after he gets done graduating. Alright, so that's it for the big synopsis reveal. We do have some credit info to give out. They hired Allie Solomon to come on and write this one, and Alex Chapple served up the directorial duties.

CBS has not yet release a promo clip for this one yet, so we're unfortunately able to provide one for now. It should pop up, most likely, during that same week that it's supposed to air.

Be sure to check for that, and stay tuned.

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