Calling all you "Batman" fans' attention! It's officially confirmed, guys. We have a release date year for the latest solo Batman Movie that actor Ben Affleck is producing and starring in. This excellent news, comes by way of Batman News and a new report that featured Greg Silverman who is the President of Creative Development and Worldwide Production at Warner Bros. Pictures.

2018 is the year, baby

Apparently, Silverman hat a sit-down with the deadline folks, and gave them a statement about the future projects that the company has in store for the immediate future.

Among all the big films that he mentioned, he said that Ben Affleck's new Batman flick is set to hit sometime in 2018! Unfortunately, no exact date was given. However, we do have some new details on when this bad boy is about to start filming.

Production is going down in just a few months

The production activities are set to start as early as the Spring of 2017, so that we means we could start seeing all those set photos and gossipy spoilers that go along with such a huge film as this. Also, I want to throw in that Silverman also said that the new Aquaman movie is due to release in 2018.

We're going to see the new Justice League and Wonder Woman movies in 2017.

Confirmation from Ben

Alright, quickly getting back to the Batman topic, we also have confirmation from the main man,himself: Ben Affleck, that it is set to start up filming this Spring. Apparently, he told the Variety news team this intel , and said they appear to be on the right track with everything, and that they're still currently finishing up the final touches on the script.

He's very excited about it. One of the co-stars, Joe Manganiello also confirmed the shooting schedule in a different interview.

Jeremy Irons chimed in too

Then in our final round of reports on this subject, we have the Alfred star, Jeremy Irons, going on record with the IGN media crew, also confirming that they will start shooting this Spring. So, I think that's more than enough confirmation to expect to start seeing this thing finally get produced in a couple of months.

Along with that reveal, he said he hasn't gotten a chance to look at the script yet, so we'll still have to wait to get any details about that. Stay tuned.

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