Welcome back to a new season, "The Bachelor" fans! We've got some good 2017 edition premiere episode 1 spoilers to dish to you guys, along with the release of the first promo clip (below). Like most of the premiere shows, it appears that it's going to play out pretty much the same way. We're going to get an introduction to our bachelor for the season, which will be none other than two-time reject: Nick Viall. Lets hope this 3rd time's the charm for him or else we could see him stave off women forever.

30 of them will arrive

We've got a synopsis from ABC, which is quite vague. However, I've also got my Reality Steve source that I've been using for years to bring more detailed info to you guys. First, I'll go ahead and run down ABC's version, which won't take long. They tell us that they brought on 30 women for Nick to choose from, and that they'll all be clamoring to get his affections and that first impression rose.

A lot of hearts get broken

Then when it's all said and done, Nick is going to break 8 hearts by eliminating eight of the girls from the line up, leaving him with just 22 chicks after the premiere.

Before all the festivities begin, we'll see footage of former Bachelors: Chris Soules, Sean Lowe and Ben Higgins. Apparently, they're going to show up to give Nick some advice before he begins his quest to hopefully, finally find a woman that's not going to ditch him at last second.

Little Bella gives her take

Ok, now for the more detailed version. The intro footage will feature Nick, talking with his family back in Wisconsin.

They look at some old pictures of him and what not, nothing too interesting. It's just more of a get-to-know-you session. We also see his little, 11 year old sister, Bella, give him some advice at some point, so that's cute. Towards, the end of his intro, he did say there's going to be a happy ending, suggesting that he was indeed successful at finding "the one" as they say.

They get out of the limo

After all that, is when we get the scene with Sean , Ben and Chris. Steve tells us this segment is mostly just filler,and nothing significant came from it. From there, they will show video segments of the women that we'll be seeing. After that, we'll see the traditional limo pull-up scene where the women will arrive to greet Nick with all their stick, if they have any to offer. They usually always do, because they want to blow the guy away for that first impression rose.

Sexual introductions turn up

There will be three ladies to that play up some steamy sexual innuendos for their stick.

We also got some really weird intros that features one girl, giving Nick a book with a hot dog inside of it. I hope it was fresh, ugh. She proceeds to tell Nick that he's a weiner in her book, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean.

OMG, I'm going to stop this right here, because I just realized there won't be anything left for you guys to watch if I give anymore of this away. Anyways, a girl, named Rachel, is going to get the first impression rose. And again, look for 8 of these girls to hit the road by the end of the night.

Some interesting footage

In the preview clip (below), we get a look at Nick, telling host, Chris Harrison, what he wants to do with this opportunity and it closes out by showing a couple of the women, talking about how they feel about Nick being the new Bachelor this season.

They agreed that his recent appearance on the Paradise spin-off show, was his best one. Check it out, below, and stay tuned.

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