Yes guys. It's unfortunately true. The new "Arrow" episode 10 of season 5 is just going to have to wait a while, because the midseason break is upon us. As previously reported, we won't be seeing CW, air a new episode until way at the end of January. To be more exact, January 25th, 2017 will be the big day for the long-awaited 10th installment, so be sure to get that date wrote down on something.

Dean Cane and Terry Crews

As for tonight's big line-up, CW is going to serve up another one of those awful Christmas specials that they like to show. This time, it's called: "The Top 12 Greatest Christmas Movies of All Time." It's got former Superman actor, Dean Cane, as the host.

He will be counting down the top Christmas movies of all time. Yeah, it's true. This is really all they could come up with. Some of you might like that sort of thing. If you fall into that mix, it's all yours.

Then, next week, CW plans to continue their Christmas special torture with some series they've got, starring: Terry Crews. This will be one where he helps a family plan a big Mexican fiesta. He supposedly is helping these people save their Christmas. Anyways, that's all CW has to offer for the next two weeks.

The end of the bad news

Now, lets get into some good news. We were able to dig up some new spoilers for episode 10 even though CW hasn't dropped their official press release for it yet.

To start off with, we've got the title. It's being called: "Who Are You?" The Gamenguide folks, revealed that the show's executive producer, Wendy Mericle, let some scoops fly. Apparently, a new, unrevealed character is going to show up at some point.

Laurel gets resurrected somehow

Next, they revealed some very interesting intel, which claims that Katie Cassidy's Laurel Lance is showing back up on the scene.

Wendy said that the whole "The Flash" Flashpoint scenario is going to give them a loophole that allows them to bring Laurel back to life and kicking again! For those of you who need some refreshing, the vicious Damien Darhk, stabbed the crap out of her in season 4, leading to her sad, flatline outcome.

Talia al Ghul is coming

Lastly, the revealed that we're going to see the introduction of character: Talia al Ghul in the 10th installment. She's being played by actress, Lexa Dong. Talia is described as being Ra al Ghul's other daughter. She is an elite warrior that never picks a side to be on. She creates her own damn side, so she will definitely be a very intriguing, new addition to look out for.

A plan to get Diggle out

One last thing. CW did drop a promo clip for episode 10 on their official app or something. It wasn't released on Youtube, so we couldn't embed it here. However, I can describe what it showed. It basically featured Oliver, visiting Diggle in the slammer. They mostly talked about getting him out of there, and it ended with Oliver, saying he may know a guy who can help.

Stay tuned.

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