It’s time for the “NCIS: LA” mole to up their ante. Hetty’s team is inching closer to the truth, but the scourge of the OSP will handicap the West Coast’s top agents as the clock strikes zero.

Time is running out before the hammer drops on Under Secretary Duggan’s (Jackson Hurst) ultimatum and, when Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and co. return from their midseason hiatus, the mole will have the upper hand.

Everyone’s heading to jail on ‘NCIS: LA’

CBS’s Sunday night drama will return on Jan. 8, placing Sam (LL Cool J) undercover during “Kulinda.” In the wake of episode 12, however, everyone from Granger (Miguel Ferrer) to Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) will swap their badges for handcuffs when they find themselves in “Hot Water.”

Set to air on Jan.

15, episode 13 will place Hetty’s defense squad behind bars.

“The mole has once again compromised the NCIS team as planted evidence results in the arrests of Callen, Sam, Granger and Deeks, on the day Under Secretary Duggan returns for Hetty’s resignation,” CBS teased.

Instead of running scared, the "NCIS: LA" traitor is pouring their resources into maintaining their cover. It was easy for Rae (or her superior) to toss Carl aside as a sacrificial pawn, but when it comes to covering her own tail, our mystery woman is exceedingly vigilant.

“The reveal is that obviously it's a much larger storyline than just [Carl],” Olsen said, according to TV Guide. “He kind of sold himself as a one-off, and of course, like all things, once you start pulling a thread, you reveal that the sweater is much larger and there's a looming conspiracy at hand.”

What’s next on ‘NCIS: LA’

As season 8 eases into the new year, viewers should expect to see Kensi back in action.

Daniela Ruah’s character isn’t quite 100 percent, but her fierce determination will put her back behind her cluttered desk before long.

In the meantime, look for Callen and Anna (Bar Paly) to further their romance. After apparently surviving G’s first-ever family Christmas, Paly’s ATF agent will return in “Kulinda."

“NCIS: LA” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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