“NCIS: Los Angeles” is merely marking time until season 8’s eleventh-hour denouement. A season and a half of quiet treachery has led us to this – the moment when Hetty’s (Linda Hunt) team drops the hammer on the OSP’s ever-elusive mole. With only 30 days left on the clock, the keen minds of CBS’s Sunday flagship will soon learn their carefully curated theories won’t prepare them for the truth.

Who is the ‘NCIS: LA’ mole?

There’s a mole running roughshod over the OSP and, when Hetty’s crew closes in on the elusive traitor, their identity will leave our heroes speechless.

“It's really clever the way they did it, and it's not fully resolved yet, but we are starting to get a peek at who the mole may actually be.

And I think it'll be shocking for the fans,” actor Chris O’Donnell (Callen) told TV Guide. “There's some twists and turns that you really did not see coming. Having been around for 180 shows, I usually know what to expect, and this one was pretty clever, I have to say.”

For now, former mole Carl Brown and Natalie Grant, his handler and object of his affections, have gifted Callen’s team their proverbial ace in the hole – the mysterious Rae. If only the team can get a bead on her location.

What’s next on ‘NCIS: LA’?

NCIS’s West Coast office is hemorrhaging vital info, and cornering Granger’s watering hole contact might be the only way to plug the leak. Viewers will have to wait until after the holidays to see any movement on the Rae front.

Sadly, the creative minds behind “NCIS: LA” are keeping the mole’s next twist under wraps.

“It's a multi-episode situation,” O’Donnell explained. “I just read two of them, and it's really well-done. The script for the second one may be one of the best scripts we've had.”

For now, CBS has offered up the following teaser for the midseason premiere.

Titled “Kulinda,” the Jan. 8 episode will send Agent Hanna (LL Cool J) undercover.

“After a Navy reservist is killed while protecting a city councilman, Sam is sent undercover in a private security firm with links to several criminal organizations,” CBS teased. “Also, Callen and Anna (Bar Paly) discuss the next steps in their relationship.”

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