The Season 14 fall finale for “NCIS” airs Tuesday night on CBS and this is an episode that viewers will not want to miss. This one is titled “The Tie That Binds” and it will be focusing on a case involving Ducky and a holiday celebration for the team. What spoilers are available for this episode and when will new shows begin again after the holidays?

'NCIS' spoilers tease a Ducky-focused fall finale

As Spoiler TV details, the Season 14, Episode 10 show will focus on the case of a murdered Navy captain and it will have ties to Ducky's deceased mother.

“NCIS” spoilers note that the case will lead Ducky to reflect on a decision he made 37 years ago and fans will certainly enjoy seeing so much of this character in this particular episode.

Just what is the connection in this case? Everybody will have to tune in to find out, but "NCIS" spoilers note that the dead captain will have an address written on a piece of paper in his pocket, and it will turn out that this address is a place where Ducky used to live. Viewers will see actor Adam Campbell return to play a younger Ducky and it sounds as if this will be an intriguing case to follow.

Additional “NCIS” spoilers share that this episode will show the team getting together to exchange holiday gifts and Abby will seemingly go all-out in making it a festive gathering. Gibbs will have Christmas dinner with Senior FBI Agent Fornell and his daughter Emily and it sounds as if there's a bit of something for everyone in this show.

When will 'NCIS' resume again with new episodes?

When will “NCIS” return after its winter hiatus?

According to TVLine, this will be a short break. The Season 14, Episode 11 show is slated to air on CBS on Tuesday, January 3, so there will only be a few weeks where fans have to hang tight and wait for new episodes to begin again. The winter premiere is said to be titled Willoughby,” but everybody will have to wait a bit to get spoilers.

Just what will the connection be between Ducky, his mother, and this murdered Navy captain?

What does “NCIS” have in store for viewers during the second half of Season 14? Spoilers tease that there are juicy moments on the way and fans will definitely want to tune in to see what comes next.

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