Frontman for The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger has a slight problem: he can't stop producing. Music fans probably enjoy having more music from the singer, but the production came on a personal level this time, as Jagger became a father to his eighth child on Thursday.

Baby eight

Melanie Hamrick, an American ballernia, gave birth to the baby boy in New York City, which Jagger was present for. The pregnancy was announced back in July, sparking a good deal of headlines for a musician that has largely faded from the public conscious in recent years.

There's a good reason for the baby news to have made such big headlines -- Jagger is 73-years-old, while his girlfriend, Hamrick is just 29-years-old.

Jagger previously had children ranging from ages 17 to 45 and is not only a father and a grandfather, but even a great-grandfather. Now, Jagger has to remember the days of diapers and cribs for the first time in a generation, though he likely has someone on hand to take care of those issues.

For those keeping track, Jagger's children now have five different mothers, as the legendary singer is generally quick to move on in relationships.

There are even rumors that Jagger is no longer with Hamrick.

A big year

The new baby is a personal milestone for Jagger, but it comes at the tail end of another memorable year for him. He served as a creator and an executive producer on the popular HBO show "Vinyl," which was initially renewed for a second season before a reversal resulted in the show's cancellation.

Additionally, The Rolling Stones made a triumphant and controversial return to the music world by coming out with their first studio album in over a decade, "Blue & Lonesome," just last week.

The album marks a move from classic rock and roll music towards a more blues-inspired landscape. The album, however, only features cover songs and features no original music. It was recorded in just three days and its release as led to accusations of the band simply making a money grab.

Either way, Jagger continues his winning ways with the new baby.

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