Several rumors are being spread about Michael Strahan and his job on "Good Morning America." In 2014, the 45-year-old became a contributor on the ABC morning television show on a part-time basis. In 2016, the former co-host of "Live with Kelly and Michael" joined "GMA" as a full-time co-host alongside Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, Amy Robach and Lara Spencer.


One rumor is that Strahan's current job on the ABC popular morning talk show isn't all he envisioned it would be, and he regrets leaving “Live” and is miserable at “Good Morning America." Connected to that rumor is another one that Strahan wants his old job back to co-host with Kelly Ripa again.

This rumor is hard to believe considering what happened after he departed earlier this year. It would be awkward for Strahan to return, and it would be awkward for Kelly Ripa to come out dancing with him and sit by him at the table. Scandals took place when Strahan departed, and it is unlikely that he will return to his former job. However, the position has been vacant since he left the show last May.

Another rumor is that "Good Morning America" is losing its ratings to NBC's "Today" show, and Michael Strahan is to blame.

Connected to that rumor is that "Good Morning America" isn't happy with Strahan's performance, and ABC is already looking to replace him. These rumors are far-fetched, but they are in the news. While some people are paying attention to them, others are taking the rumors with a grain of salt.

'GMA' versus 'Live'

The rumors appear to be convincing when people explain that Strahan had the best job in show business, but he gave it up for what he thought would be better.

After all, he was a co-host with his name in the title of the show. Now he’s just one of five people, and his name is the last one to be announced before the show begins.

Strahan has not responded to any of these rumors. While people are spreading rumors, listening to rumors, and believing rumors, Michael Strahan continues to do his job on "Good Morning America" each week. Do you believe any of the talk about Strahan's job?

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