“The Young and the Restless” fans were excited to see a new love interest arrive in Genoa City for Victoria Newman a few months back and many had high hopes for her romance with Travis Crawford. Victoria and Travis weathered some rocky times together and things took a turn when he cheated on her. He made an effort to smooth things over, but she told him to walk away and he did. Is this really the end of Victoria and Travis, dubbed “Tricky” by their fans, as a couple?

Actor Michael Roark bids farewell to 'Y&R'

Unfortunately, it does look as if Victoria and Travis are over for good now. Actor Michael Roark, who played the character of Crawford, has taken to his social media pages to bid farewell to “The Young and the Restless” and those with the show.

In the post, shared to both Facebook and Twitter, Roark indicates that he has made the decision to move on to the next challenge in his career. He thanks the fans for their support and praises many of the folks he worked with on the soap opera.

Roark adds that he knows that Tricky fans will be quite disappointed to know that this split between Travis and Victoria is a permanent one, but he points out that to him, Travis loves Victoria and always has. He adds that the issue is that Travis never worked through the demons that hovered after his Wall Street life crash and he was only as strong as the weakest part of him.

Could Travis eventually return to Genoa City?

The good news for fans of this “Young and Restless” couple, however, is that Roark seems to indicate that the door is open for a possible return down the road.

Viewers have a hunch that instead of trying to fix this relationship with Travis, however, those behind the show are intent on pushing Victoria and Billy together again. That may be a bit of a tough sell, but the writing does appear to be on the wall on this front.

Tricky fans are quite upset over the way things ended between Travis and Victoria and think that there was a lot of potential for this pair to become a happy couple in Genoa City.

In addition to being disappointed over the end of the relationship, many “Young and Restless” fans think that this final ending for the two was rushed and lacked a proper finish.

Would you like to see Travis make his way back to Genoa City at some point or is it better to just wrap this one up? Do you think that Victoria and Billy ultimately belong together or are they better off apart?

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that there are big moments on the way for these characters and fans will be anxious to see where things head from here.

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