Michael Muhney of "The young and the restless" has a huge fanbase that have been really upset ever since he left the show. His fans have been demanding that he come back to the show once again, but so far they have not had any luck with their demands. He left the show clear back in 2014, but his fans aren't being quiet yet. Now Michael is speaking out and thanking his fans for support.

What did Michael Muhney have to say?

Michael's fans actually did another online petition trying to get him back on the show again.

Now that Justin Hartley has left, that would leave room for Michael to come back as Adam Newman, but it doesn't seem to be happening. The petition says, “We want Adam Newman aka Michael Muhney back."

Michael Muhney actually went to his Twitter to thank fans and share his thoughts. He revealed that he read the comments on the petition that his fans are leaving. He thanked the fans and said that reading these comments brought tears to his eyes.

He went on to say, "It’s a rare thing to capture this much passion & support and encouragement from fans.

I feel honored to have found a place in your hearts. I’ve been on a journey for several years. Moved away from the me that fought too many battles and covered up insecurities with ego." Michael Muhney went on to say that he had to let go of being hard headed and that he likes himself a lot more than he used to. The fans have always loved him regardless of anything.

When Michael Muhney left the role of Adam Newman, a lot of fans of "The Young and the Restless" boycotted the show and moved on to watch other things.

Justin Hartley showed up and took over the role, but then he left and joined the hit show "This Is Us." It doesn't look like Justin will be heading back to the show, so this does leave a spot for Michael if they were to decide they wanted him to return.

Are you shocked to hear that Michael Muhney is speaking out once again about his time away from the show? Do you think that "The Young and the Restless" should have him back again?

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