The biggest story to come out over the weekend was the conclusion found by the CIA who has accused Russia of illegally influencing the 2016 presidential election. Despite the Donald Trump transition team denying the allegations, it hasn't stopped critics from speaking out.

Moore on Trump

Late Friday night, The Washington Post broke the story that the CIA was convinced that Russia hacked aspects of election with the intention of helping Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton. The CIA report doubles down on previous claims made in recent months that linked Trump and members of his campaign to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Less than 24 hours after the report was released, Trump named Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as the new Secretary of State, despite his close ties to the Kremlin. As seen on his official Twitter account on December 10, filmmaker Michael Moore didn't hold back his views.

"Trump's Sec of State: ExxonMobil CEO. That's 10 billionaires/millionaires & 3 generals," Michael Moore tweeted, while adding, "Fascism's the marriage of the corp.

& military state." Moments later, Moore sent out another message on Twitter, reading, "ExconMobil CEO Rex Tillerson received from V. Putin Russia's HIGHEST civilian honor, their version of our Presidential Medal of Freedom."

In third tweet on the issue, Moore went in even harder.

"The CIA has determined Russia hacked into our election to help elect Donald J. Trump," the award-winning filmmaker tweeted, before adding, "Now Trump names Putin best friend as OUR Sec of State!"

An hour later, Michael Moore went back to social media to vent some more.

"Have you heard a ONE Dem leader scream about this?," Moore asked, while also adding, "Imagine if Cuba hacked in to throw the election to Hillary? What would Repub response be?" Moore concluded his string of tweets by stating, "Trump hasn't drained the swamp. He IS the swamp."

Moving forward

Following the news of the CIA's findings, Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Patty Murray released statements calling for bipartisan hearings in Congress to get down to the bottom of whether or not a foreign country influenced the election.

While the outrage is mostly coming from the political left, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham expressed his thoughts on Twitter, saying that Russia is "trying to undermine democracies all over the world." As of press time, Donald Trump has not offered a comment on the issue outside of the statement released by his transition team.

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