With just five weeks until Donald Trump is scheduled to be sworn in as the next president, not everyone believes it will happen. Days after the CIA revealed that Russia likely interfered and hacked the presidential election in favor of Trump, filmmaker Michael Moore is now speaking out.

Moore on Trump

Over the course of the last year and half, Donald Trump has made a lot of enemies. Despite winning the election, the president-elect lost the popular vote by over 2.5 million votes to Hillary Clinton.

One of those voters who was against the billionaire real estate mogul was Michael Moore, who even released a film titled "Michael Moore in TrumpLand" a month before Election Day. Though he opposed the former host of "The Apprentice," Moore predicted Trump's victory, and continues to speak out against him. As seen on his offical Facebook page on December 13, Moore didn't hold back his thoughts, while mocking the Trump for the ongoing issue regarding Russia's hack of the election.

"Hey @realDonaldTrump -- are you worried?

I mean, you're not president yet. Not until 12 noon, January 20, 2017," Michael Moore wrote to start off his Facebook post. Moore noted that it was "FIVE long weeks" until Trump actually becomes the next president. The award-winning filmmaker cited Trump's book, "The Art of the Deal," while noting, "you wrote about the importance of closing the deal quick. Give it too much time, people find a way to pull out, making you the loser."

Michael Moore said that there were "millions of people right now who are saying prayers, asking Santa, making wishes," all with the hope that Trump is blocked from becoming the 45th President of the United States.

Moore referred to Trump's election win as "madness," while also sending him a warning. "I think you should be worried. I think you are!" Moore continued, while concluding his post by referring to the president-elect as "Comrade Trump."

Next up

While Donald Trump is set to be sworn in on Inauguration Day, Michael Moore is planning to help lead a massive peaceful protest and demonstration in Washington, D.C.

on the same day. In the meantime, Trump continues to reveal members of his cabinet, which, as expected, have received backlash from most of the mainstream media.

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