While it's been over a month, the election win of Donald Trump still has millions of Americans in shock and awe. With just hours until electors make their offical vote to seal the deal, critics of the president-elect are making a last ditch effort to prevent Trump from making it to the White House.

Moore's case

Heading into the 2016 presidential election, the consensus was that Donald Trump would fall in defeat, and that Hillary Clinton would break the glass ceiling by becoming the first female president in American history.

The odds of a Trump win were so slim that Clinton purchased a special firework celebration just days before Election Day, with the billionaire real estate mogul hammering home the theory that the election was being rigged against him. After Trump picked up the win, outrage followed by angry liberals, who have done everything in their power to protest and attempt to pursue electors from voting with their state's popular vote. As seen on his offical Facebook page on December 19, filmmaker Michael Moore has not given up just yet.

In a post titled "A Personal Appeal to the Republican Members of the Electoral College from Michael Moore," the filmmaker wrote an open letter to Republican electors. Moore described himself a nothing more than an American who "deeply loves this country and its people." Moore went on to ask that the electors "vote your conscience and PLEASE do not put our nation in danger by choosing Donald Trump."

"I know you HAVE to be full of worry and consternation over the way Russia hacked into our election in order to help Trump," Michael Moore continued, in reference to the CIA report that accused Russia of hacking the election in favor of Trump, which the FBI and White House have since confirmed.

Continuing, Moore asked how an elector could vote for a president who was "too busy or too disinterested to protect us on a daily basis," which was in relation to the report that the former host of "The Apprentice" was ignoring daily intelligence briefings.

Moore's final plea

Michael Moore didn't stop there, as the award-winning filmmaker gave a long list of reasons why Donald Trump should not become the leader of the free world.

In conclusion, Moore noted that a various State Capitols across the country on Sunday night, "thousands of Americans will be participating in candlelight vigils," and encouraged those Republican electors to attend.

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