Will Megyn Kelly jump ship now her contract at Fox is winding down? The Republican debate debacle made Kelly a hot commodity and she can pretty much write her own ticket, but will that last? Kelly was known to Fox viewers for a few years, but it wasn't until her on-air showdown with Donald Trump while moderating a Republican debate that she became known to the masses even if they weren't Fox viewers.

CNN wants Kelly

According to the Western Journal CNN's head honcho is "moving the Himalaya Mountains to get her," but the big question is will she bite? While CNN will give Kelly a chance to prove her popularity by placing her in the time slot of 8 p.m., which puts her up against Fox's "O'Reilly Factor," they can't match the reported $20 million Fox has on the table for the opinionated anchor.

Viewers want her there too

CNN's Mark Zucker wants Kelly on his team and he's actively pursuing Kelly to move to his network. A recent Drudge poll shows that CNN viewers want her there, as the poll indicates 69 percent are behind Zucker courting the Fox journalist. Reports today have Kelly deciding between staying at Fox or making the move to CNN, so she's considering the move.

Kelly's book controversy

In Kelly's recent book, "Settle for More," she discusses the details of what life was like after she knocked heads with Trump at the Republican debate. She painted a gloomy picture of employing body guards and fearing for her safety. The controversy over the book didn't just concern what she penned on the pages, but her timing of the tell-all book hitting the stores.

Kelly didn't release the book or even even pursue a book review until after the presidential elections. Because of all the disparaging things she had to report about her thoughts on Trump, critics were peeved. They believed that she waited so it wouldn't interfere with the election.

Amazon reviews

She went as far in her book as to say that she was once concerned that she might have been poisoned after drinking coffee that her driver insisted upon getting on the way to another Republican debate after she had a previous blow-up with Trump.

The website She Knows asks if she might have been hinting to Trump poisoning her. Then there were the Trump supporters who went after Kelly via her book on Amazon, according to The Wrap.

Future CNN co-workers?

A good majority of the reviews on Amazon were very negative, with many attacking her personally, saying that she's an embarrassment to female journalists.

Some of those reviews were taken off Amazon, but plenty still remained. While Kelly might have a new home at CNN if she does take the bait, will she have the same problems with her co-workers as she did at Fox?

Her on-air spat with Bill O'Reilly was a memorable one after she wrote in her book about Bill Aires's sexual harassment. She said that she too was a victim of his behavior, like several other women who came forth to accuse him. O'Reilly was ripped because she made the Fox News network look bad. Kelly's fame is basically based on all this negativity around Trump, and now the Fox network. How will Kelly handle herself at CNN if she takes the leap? Or is the almighty dollar going to keep her at Fox?

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