Just why is Megyn Kelly still shopping for a new network home despite Fox News offering her a $20 million contract when her present one expires in 2017? This is an astronomical amount of money and more than other networks, like CNN, are prepared to offer her. Kelly is a mom and one who is reportedly interested in a morning gig, which will allow her to spend more time with her brood of three at home. Her nighttime spot on Fox News must cut into the kids' after school hours as well as dinnertime.

Kelly lured with prime time spot?

News about Kelly's hunting journey has been making headlines during the last few weeks.

The Inquisitr reports, it's been said that CNN was set to "move mountains" to lure the Fox News journalist their way. It has been reported that they offered Kelly a spot that would put her in the same time slot as Fox's top earner, Bill O'Reilly, making them on-air rivals.

'Good Morning America'

Kelly's contract is up in July of 2017 and she is taking advantage of this to explore all her options. One such spot she had her eye on was a morning anchor for "Good Morning America," according to someone who is familiar with the talks about Kelly possibly joining the show. The person who reported this is now saying that ABC's interest in taking Kelly on has waned, despite other ideas on the table for Kelly's placement over at ABC.

Kelly's book not flying off shelves?

Lately all you hear about is Kelly's book "Settle for More" and despite it landing in the number four spot on Publishers Weekly list for hardcover nonfiction, it has only sold 143,000 copies. This seems odd, considering Fox News is the top cable news network in the nation and watched by millions daily.

Kelly has made a few enemies in the last year or so, but this also awarded her much notoriety.

Trump feud rocketed her to notoriety?

First there was her feud with Trump, which many credit for making her name a household word. Before she moderated the Republican debate, where she knocked heads with Trump big time, Kelly was well known mostly only to Fox viewers.

Once her on-air and online sparring sessions picked up with Trump, her name made headlines nationwide. She soon became more famous than she ever was. Most everyone who watches TV news knows her name today, not only the Fox News viewers like in the past..

Tell-all book

Then Kelly came out with her book, which tells the tales of Roger Ailes inappropriate behavior and it also paints Trump in a disparaging light. Kelly opted to release her book to the public shortly after Trump won the election. Her critics lambasted her for not releasing it before the elections because she kept the disparaging remarks about Trump quiet until the election was over. What was her motive for waiting until the election was done before she published "Settle for More?" This had many of her fans and critics scratching their heads.

Why is Kelly ready to jump ship?

With Kelly publishing some decade-old accusations about Roger Ailes, it appeared her colleague Bill O'Reilly might have taken offense to Kelly attempting to tarnish Fox News. With that said, the two seemed to have a falling out. Why Kelly is willing to pass up $20 million at Fox to go to another network that will pay her less is not known. Some say it is not the money she wants, but the time at home with her kids and her husband, who is a stay-at-home dad and publisher.

Others think things have gotten too heated for Kelly over at Fox News and she looking for a less stressful surrounding as her workplace. Whatever her reason may be, it has to be awfully compelling to even think about walking away from the $20 million on the table at Fox!

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