It looks like Megyn Kelly is shopping for a new TV News home as reports have her meeting with both NBC and ABC about the possibility of joining their team. Recent reports have her co-workers calling her "Me-again" instead of "Megyn" because of her constantly showing up on camera promoting her newly penned book.

Fox News reportedly has something in the neighborhood of $20 million on the table to sign Megyn Kelly back on when her contract is up in July.


The latest reports say that she is still shopping and the places she's interested in are offering less than the generous offer from Fox. Is Megyn that desperate to vacate Fox that she'll leave that offer on the table just to walk out the door?

Money isn't the driving force?

CNN has been actively wooing Kelly their way with plans of giving her a primetime show opposite her co-worker Bill O'Rielly. Megyn is looking elsewhere despite offers being lower than what Fox is offering, according to the Daily Mail. One can only surmise that having a change of scenery is more important to the news anchor than money at this point.


Donald Trump put her on the national map

Kelly would probably never admit it, but there are many folks out there who believe she owes a good portion of her popularity to Donald Trump. It was her battle with Trump that started when she moderated the Republican debate that made her name a household one. She was a popular fixture on Fox News before that debate, but if you didn't watch Fox, you probably wouldn't have known who Kelly was a year ago.

Today, no matter what news channel you gravitate to, Kelly's face is very recognizable.

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She's not only notable for the sparring with Trump during the debate, but also for the battle they carried on for months after the fact. Kelly ended that battle with a trip to Trump Tower, in her famous olive-branch move. Trump and Kelly made a cordial gesture after that meeting by stopping the tit for tat via social media.

No love lost

There's still no love lost between the two, which is evident in her writing about Trump in her new book. She rakes him over the coals to the point that she's been given slack for waiting until after the election to release the information she had on Trump.

Kelly got plenty of backlash for keeping her disparaging reports on Trump under wraps by not publishing her book until he was securely tucked in as the President-elect.

The original Megyn Kelly

When Kelly first appeared on Fox, most viewers fell in love with a woman who was extremely smart and a woman who, despite having stunning looks, never leaned on her assets to get ahead. There was no flirting with the camera or cute gestures coming from Kelly.


She was once the epitome of fair and balanced, which is a logo Fox prides itself on.

Jump ahead to this year and that stunning intellectual has grown a bit snarky with her questions and answers to guests. Kelly once interviewed people without giving so much as a tiny clue as to her personal feelings about that person.

Snarky attitude festered and arrived?

In years gone by, if Kelly didn't like the person she was interviewing, those feelings would never bleed through during an interview.


Today her feelings come through loud and clear. She sets the tone of her interview if she doesn't like the guest and builds on that through the duration of the segment. Kelly seems to give off that snarky attitude more often than not when interviewing someone she doesn't like or disagrees with. One thing is certain: she has a decision to make with her contract expiring in a matter of months.

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