Over the course of the last 18 months, Donald Trump has stormed onto the scene and changed the direction of American politics, and the entire country in the process. Critics of the new president-elect have accused him of playing into the hands of white nationalists and racists, which led to Fox News host Megyn Kelly offering her view on the subject.

Megyn Kelly on Trump

There's no love lost between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly, but the Fox News host was been praised for her professionalism during the campaign.

Even when Trump referred to her as a "bimbo" and "overrated" during a series of Twitter tirades, Kelly found a way to stay neutral. After the billionaire real estate mogul pulled off the upset and defeated Hillary Clinton, there have been reports of a rise in hate crimes against minority communities. Trump has also openly gained support from Ku Klux Klan (KKK) groups, while he received backlash for his hiring of Breitbart News' Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist, who has been accused of being white nationalist and an anti-Semitie.

As reported by NPR on December 7, Kelly gave her thoughts about the link between Trump and white nationalists.

While sitting down for an interview with Fresh Air's Terry Gross, Megyn Kelly opened up about life in a post-Trump election win. Kelly addressed Trump's constant use of social media, stating, "every tweet he (Trump) unleashes against you...creates such a crescendo of anger." Kelly continued, noting that Trump "really does need to be aware of the power that he has when he releases these tweets."

On the issue of the rise of white nationalism in the United States, including the "alt-right," which has been accused, but denies being a racist movement, Megyn Kelly believes that Donald Trump is partly to blame, stating, it's' "a dangerous game to empower them, as clearly has happened." "If you look at what's happened to Breitbart over the last three years," Kelly said, before adding, It's shocking."

Blame game

Megyn Kelly also addressed what she really thought led to the election of Donald Trump, putting the blame on the "PC culture." "There are a lot of people in our society who have had it with PC culture," Kelly told hold Terry Gross, admitting that she is "one of those people." The Fox News host said that the country has "gone too far into the PC culture," which she believes drove many voters away from the left.

Political correctness has been a topic that has divided liberals at a growing rate in recent years, as the left has been split in defending the right to free speech and expression, and shutting down conversation in an attempt to protect the feelings of certain minority groups. "The Kelly File" airs weekdays at 9 p.m. EST on Fox News and is one of the highest rated cable TV Shows currently on the air.

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