Matt Franco won the 9th season of "America's Got Talent" and hasn't turned back since. The magician is one of the most popular acts in Vegas, even if he isn't quite on the level of Penn and Teller. I've seen his show in Vegas, and it is just as spectacular as what the audience saw from him on the ninth season of the show. "America's Got Talent" brought the talented magician back for their Christmas special and he didn't disappoint or fall down on stage like another act that featured a certain judge who couldn't quite keep her balance.

Franco's Christmas Special Performance Features Snowman.

If you haven't seen the video of Franco's performance yet, I highly recommend checking it out below. The video is absolutely worth the time investment.

How does he do that? I don't understand at all. The number of combinations is massive so there is no way to tell beforehand what the judges would pick. Unfortunately, the ending of the trick seems to indicate that the variable snowman trick isn't variable at all. There's no way that Franco could possibly give out cards with the correct snowman on them to every single audience member without knowing exactly which snowman would be picked before the trick occurred.

If he had just done the bit with the judges, it would have been far more impressive and much harder to figure out.

Was Franco More Impressive Than Penn and Teller and Piff the Magic Dragon?

In a battle of magicians, the solo act outperformed the trio. Penn and Teller are amazing magicians with their own show on Vegas, but Franco's showmanship and overall trick was far better than what Piff tried to accomplish.

It almost felt like Penn and Teller were simply going through the motions while Franco brought a whole host of excitement and emotions to the table. That positivity made Franco's act feel and look better throughout.

I'm a huge fan of the Magic on "America's Got Talent" and want to see as much of it as possible. It's difficult to figure out just how these magicians manage to pull off these tricks and fool the audience live and watching on TV.

I loved watching Matt Franco and hope to see similar magical performances on the next season of "America's Got Talent."

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