The actress Malika Haqq (33) and the reality star from "Jersey Shore," Ronnie Magro (31) are officially dating. They met on the TV show "Famously Single" (E! Entertainment Television), where single Celebrities are looking for love. The pair gave an interview to E!, where they reported that they liked each other from the beginning. They have much in common and friendship soon became romance. Their family and friends support the relationship. "Famously Single" was a great opportunity for both of them to know someone deeply in a short period of time.

Fame & love

Malika Haqq is a good actress known for her roles in films like "20 Years After" and "ATL," among others. Although her true fame is due to her friendship with Khloe Kardashian (32). Thanks to that, she has participated in the reality show "Keeping up with the Kardashians," where she shares the experiences of the famous family. She was also on the TV show "Dash Dolls," where she was the manager of the Dash store, owned by the Kardashian sisters. There she was dealing with a group of young girls who worked in the shop as sellers, but the real goal was to became famous.

Ronnie Magro is basically a reality star, who became known for his partipation in the MTV show "Jersey Shore," a TV program that told of the life of the young Italian Americans living in New Jersey. Magro is also famous for having had a seven-year relationship with Sammi Sweetheart (29), his co-star. The romance was complicated from the beginning and had many breaks while it lasted.


It is rumored that the romance between the actress and the reality star is false, since they need the exposure to promote their careers in Hollywood.

Malika wants to triumph as a serious actress, and Ronnie wants to become as famous as when he was on "Jersey Shore." The truth is that he had a serious relationship with Sammi Sweetheart and there is no reason to doubt his feelings towards Malika. On the other hand, the actress has artistic talent to excel in Hollywood without the need to simulate a romance. Either way, time will tell.

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