Madonna's "Woman of the Year" speech left audience members noticeably shocked during her acceptance on Friday night when the "Papa Don't Preach" hitmaker causally mentioned by name just how many Celebrities she has managed to outlive.

Madge does it again!

It is not out of character for Madonna (58), to do, or say something completely shocking, and/or offensive. Fans are used to seeing her strut/twerk across the stage wearing next to nothing while singing and shouting about whatever subject comes to mind.

However, it was her acceptance speech that really has people talking. Maybe it was just too much, too soon, but Madge had no problems name- dropping at the Billboard Women in Music event.

It could be the way she went about it that has left fans in shock

While it is true, Madonna has managed to outlive some of the biggest music legends in the entertainment world, including Michael Jackson, Prince, and Whitney Houston, it was her delivery that stunned fans:

"I'm still standing," stated Madonna as she looked out into an audience that sat frozen in an awkward and uncomfortable silence for several seconds before finally breaking into applause.

In an effort to make light of a heavy situation, Madonna began listing some of her most controversial events throughout her career -- let us not forget struggles with her children, her stage kiss and lap dance with Drake, her coned bra, and her volatile relationship with actor Sean Penn.

Ending her speech, the singer added that she feels today, the most controversial thing she has done was "to stick around" for her thirty-plus year career.

Madonna is going to stick around quite a few more years, continuing to make music and entertainment history with one shocker after the next.

Do you admire Madonna's honesty and style at this stage in her life, or is it time that the golden-haired bad girl of pop should consider becoming less bad girl and more "Golden Girl"? At what age do you believe it is time for some entertainers to step back and re-evaluate their image?

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