Suseenthiran, one of the most acclaimed filmmakers in the South Indian film industry is back with his new film "Maaveeran Kittu" which was released on December 02, 2016. The film features Vishnu Vishal and Sri Divya in the lead roles, while the supporting star cast includes, Parthiepen, Soori, Harish Uthaman and Kasi Viswanathan.

The film which is a period drama has succeeded in impressing critics and audiences alike, and due to the mammoth pre-release hype, most of the theaters are witnessing an attendance percentage of 90 on day one.

Wise exploitation of Tamil Sentiments

Suseenthiran has handled a very sensitive subject, and it has all the potential to touch the heart of the Tamil audiences. The movie showcases the story of a young man who fights for Tamil people so that they can uphold their rights in the motherland.

The director has added all those essential elements which are needed to enhance the adrenaline rush of the people who are intense nationalists, and many of the patriotic scenes will give Goosebumps to the audiences for sure.

The only drawback of this movie is regarding its global reach.

It should be noted that Tamil movies are now the hottest pick in Kerala and Karnataka, and we should wait and see how the audiences in the state will connect themselves to this theme.

Watch trailer video:

Vishnu Vishal continues his dream journey

Vishnu Vishal is a man of immense mettle, and he is very wise in choosing scripts. The actor repeated the magic in this movie too, and it was a sheer treat to watch him on screen.

But on the contrary, Sri Divya failed to impress, and her performance in emotional scenes was bit over the board.

D Imman's music was peppy, while Soorya's cinematography was excellent.

Box-office verdict

The film will surely hit the Bull's eye in Tamil Nadu, and by the end of this weekend, it will surely gross more than 10 Crores.

Stay tuned for more updates.

The movie will compete with Vijay Anthony's Tamil thriller "Saithan" that was released yesterday in India. Check out the Review on "Saithan" on Blasting News here.

'Maaveeran Kittu' - Inaivom song

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