It's been three months since Luke Pell was told at the last minute that he wasn't going to be ABC's next "Bachelor." Although he was disappointed that he lost the gig to Nick Viall, the 32-year-old war veteran isn't ready to give up on the "Bachelor" franchise just yet.

Pell, a country singer-songwriter, has been hard at work on his first single (due out in January), but he's also been spending plenty of time hanging out with other "Bachelor" alum at events like iHeartRadio's Jingle Ball in Los Angeles last weekend, and Becca Tilley's YouTube blog launch on Tuesday.

While he was at the event, ET! caught up with Pell and asked him about his future plans with the "Bachelor" franchise and asked him how he felt running into his former flame, "Bachelorette" JoJo Fletcher. And that's not all — Luke also talked about his recent meet-up with "Bachelor" Nick Viall and made it clear that he'll only be watching one specific episode of the new upcoming season.

Wait! Is Luke Pell really joining the 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 4 cast?

ABC is months away from announcing the cast lineup for next season of "Paradise," but Luke hinted that he's probably going to be one of the guys who will be showing off his abs on ABC's summer reality series next August.

Pell tells ET! that filming the "Bachelorette" required an "intensive schedule" that left him "unplugged" from real life for eight weeks, so it would be hard to entertain joining a show that took him away from real life for so long. And that's why "Bachelor in Paradise" would be a perfect fit, with Pell stating that it's something he would entertain once producers start forming a cast next spring.

He went on to say that the big perk would be that filming "Paradise" is "really quick and it's on the beach!" Cast members also get paid for the gig, so a little cash and a chance to find love or promote his music sounds like a win-win situation for Luke Pell.

Luke talks about running into JoJo Fletcher and Nick's season of the "Bachelor"

While at the Jingle Ball last weekend, Pell told ET that it's "always interesting" to see JoJo and that he's run into her a few times since the "Bachelorette" finale aired last summer. He revealed that his "roller coaster relationship" with JoJo during filming has influenced at least one of the songs he's writing but said "it's cool" and she shouldn't be concerned about the lyrics.

And as far as Nick Viall goes, Luke says he plans to watch the first episode of "The Bachelor" when it premieres on January 2 but he's not sure he'll watch beyond that, but he wishes Nick the best.

Sounds like Luke is still a little jaded after losing out to Nick. However, if he ends up joining the "Bachelor in Paradise" cast this summer there's no doubt that he'll meet some of the girls Nick dumps — perhaps he'll find his love story on TV after all.

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