Attention, "Vanderpump Rules" employees past and present: if you want to have any semblance of self-esteem, don't try taking on Lisa Vanderpump, the daring diva of reality TV shows. That's the message in a new sneak peek from "Vanderpump Rules" featuring Lisa and James Kennedy, and it's clear who's the winner in their dialogue, noted Us Weekly.

Lisa Vanderpump puts James Kennedy in his place

Vanderpump very precisely and pointedly put James Kennedy in his place when he attempted to accuse her of fiddling around with the truth on the episode of "Vanderpump Rules" that will air December 26. The reality TV show has become famed for its unscripted and therefore even more unexpected dramatic twists and turns that tend to outdo anything a soap opera writer could write.

In this sneak peek, Lisa Vanderpump and Kennedy play catch-up, but Lisa doesn't hesitate to show James that she does not rank as a fan of his off-the-cuff ways.

Lisa Vanderpump, who fired James from his coveted job at chic Sur several "Vanderpump Rules" episodes ago, does agree to a sit-down with Kennedy. But from the outset, Lisa has the well-manicured upper hand. Also known as one of the brightest stars on the "Real Housewives" franchise shows, Vanderpump makes her feelings for James more than clear: She has no time for or interest in the DJ's infamous attitude and tendency to play games.

Guess who's called an 'arrogant little punk'

"You were an arrogant little punk — and look at me," orders a crisp and cool Lisa Vanderpump to clearly uncomfortable James Kennedy.

"Do I look like somebody that employs an arrogant little punk?"

While the correct answer would be a polite "no, ma'am" and then silence, Kennedy isn't exactly known for correctness. And he lives up to that reputation in responding with a "no" followed by yet another attempt to debate the impossible-to-debate Lisa Vanderpump, telling her "you have done in the past with Jax [Taylor]."

Making it clear that he just tossed back the wrong conversational ball, Vanderpump points out that while she isn't making excuses for Jax, he has not behaved like Kennedy.

Lisa admitted that while she is "not saying Jax displays exemplary behavior, in his workplace, he's never been disrespectful." And the fireworks just keep coming, with Kennedy daring to call this a "lie."

'Vanderpump Rules' queen called a 'liar'

"So you're calling me a liar?" demanded Lisa Vanderpump.

"So you come in here, and you use the f-bomb, and you call me a liar, and you expect me to give you the time of day." If that diatribe sounds vaguely familiar, the Daily Mail pointed out that the showdown between Lisa and James follows Jennifer Lawrence slamming the former SUR DJ.

Think that Lisa sounded a tad harsh? Jennifer Lawrence described Kenneday as an "entitled, worthless little creep" on a recent episode of "Watch What Happens Live." All of these accusations come in the wake of the "Vanderpump Rules" episode in which James was fired for drinking shots at a time when he was supposed to be diligently working. He then was shockingly disrespectful, swearing at Lisa and her husband when they attempted to confront him.

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