Last season on "rhobh," Lisa Rinna sacrificed her close friendship with Lisa Vanderpump, her increasing popularity with the fans, and her sanity as she went toe-to-toe with the queen while in search for the truth. According to Reality Tea, Rinna learned a valuable lesson about the price of "owning it" and has vowed to keep her lips shut this season. Of course, the loss of her dad had much to do with her sudden change of attitude, but Rinna swears that the fans will see a much different person this season.

Even so, is Vanderpump ready to move forward with her after the witch hunt last season?

Rinna is 'done' fighting on 'RHOBH'

After Rinna's father had died, she realized that life is too short to fight with other people, especially people you care about, over silly things. She claims that she is in a "different mindset" this season, and sees things in a different light. Lisa added that she has a long history with Vanderpump, and she cannot let one bad year erase all the good times they had. Something tells us that Vanderpump will not be so quick to forgive and forget.

Drama Finds Lisa Rinna this season

Despite having the best intentions to stay out of the drama, it finds her once again. Instead of fighting with Vanderpump, she clashes with newcomer, Eden Sassoon.

Lisa and Eden became friends on the show for a short while, and now, they do not speak to each other at all.

Apparently, it happens all in the span of just a few episodes. Lisa chalks up their differences to their "different realities" and states the "RHOBH" fans will see it play out on the show.

Lisa Rinna clashes with Kyle Richards, too

Rinna revealed that Eden isn't the only person she clashed with this season, either.

She has a few tense moments with her good friend, Kyle Richards, as well. Lisa says that they are "in a good place now."

Lisa added that she sent Kyle a emoji of her with a zipper over her mouth, and they had a "great laugh about it." That seems to imply that Rinna's drama with Kyle may have something to do with her comments to Kim Richards and her sobriety.

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs on Bravo on Tuesday nights.

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