Lena Dunham, actress, producer, and public embarrassment was forced to apologize for wishing she had an abortion to gain street cred with the pro-choice movement, according to the Washington Free Beacon. What she got instead was the rare agreement between the pro-choice and pro-life movements that she is a creep. The pro-choice crowd pointed out that having an abortion is no casual manner and is something that is approached after wrenching consideration. The pro-life movement opposes abortion but found the wish to have one solely to gain political credibility to be particularly obnoxious.

Dunham has not had an excellent year. She celebrated what she thinks is the death of straight white men. She woke up the morning of the most recent election excited by the prospect of electing the first woman president only to be sent into a spiral of despair to see the ascension of Donald Trump, a living, breathing nightmare for feminists of her ilk, to the presidency. She reneged on a promise to flee to Canada. Then she offered a selfie of herself sitting on a toilet and then had to delete it when most of the world thought it to be too gross.

2017 is not likely to be any better for Dunham. For one thing, it will feature the final season of “Girls,” the HBO series about a group of millennial women, of which Dunham plays one, who drink, drug, and debauch themselves to distraction and accomplish very little but make what others in the past have done for fun seem degrading and sordid. After “Girls” ends and now that Hillary Clinton is awaiting the judgment of the Jeff Sessions Department of Justice, what would be the point of Lena Dunham?

Doing and saying more and more outrageous things just to keep oneself in the public eye is no way to live and likely will have an unhappy ending. Clearly, an intervention is needed. Otherwise, she might find herself on “Dancing with the Stars,” a fate for some that is a humiliation worse than death.

Dunham needs to give up the idea of being the 21st Century Dorothy Parker because she does not have the talent.

Instead, she should try being an Annie Oakley feminist, to coin a phrase by Sarah Palin, rather than a whiny faculty lounge feminist. An Annie Oakley feminist can shoot a caribou, skin it, and gut it, and then make succulent steaks out of it as well as a pair of boots and a new jacket. She doesn’t take guff from any man, not because she browbeats them into respecting her, but rather because he knows that she knows the use of firearms.

In fact, maybe Sarah Palin can take Lena Dunham on a hunting trip in the Alaska tundra next summer. At the very least it would make an excellent article in the New Yorker, and she would get some good experience killing something that is not her unborn fetus.

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