Shocking revelations

Leah Remini has proven she is a force to be reckoned with on the docu-series "Leah Remini: Scientology & The Aftermath." After spending 35 years as a Scientologist she is learning things herself that she had never known. The latest installment of the series was no exception.

In previous segments, Leah and her partner Mike Rinder visited other ex-Scientologists who shared stories of abuse and mistreatment, harassment, intimidation, false imprisonment, and even rape. David Miscavige's father Ron told his volatile story of leaving Scientology and how difficult it was for him after the escape.

Leah and Mike Rinder have both had a hard time with some of the revelations they had to face as their fellow ex-Scientologists told their stories. To realize that no matter how bad what they knew to be true was, it was actually worse. To learn that everything they had believed in for most of their lives wasn't true and they had been tricked.

Sea Org

Leah Remini and Mike Rinder met with some former Sea Org members on the latest segment. As members of the exclusive religious organization within the Church of Scientology, they had signed billion year contracts for their dedication and service.

The expectations of the church were immense for the members of the exclusive group. Even if married, women were expected to not become pregnant. If she did, it was seen as a sign that she wanted to leave the church unless she had an abortion. The wife in the story, having now left the Church of Scientology, is still suffering the loss of the child she aborted in order to meet her obligations within the church.

Another hard realization for Leah last night was that the documentaries played at the five required meetings each year were actually falsified rather than factual. She viewed them as a church member with pride, feeling she was part of something productive and great. To learn that it was a seriously distorted truth hurt her to the core. Mike Rinder had known all along how untrue the films actually were.

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