Leah Remini spent over 30 years of her life in the Church of Scientology. She was a strong believer and avid supporter of the religion founded by Ron L. Hubbard. In 2006, the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was held. While the church considered it to be the event of the century, Leah questioned why the leader's wife was not there. David Miscavige attended the wedding and all the festivities but his wife Shelly was not in attendance at any of the events or the wedding.

Why won't someone answer Leah?

When Leah Remini questioned the whereabouts of her friend, she was brushed aside and ignored.

When she began to push the issue a bit, she was obviously ruffling feathers and the church elite did not take well to it.

Once she left the Church of Scientology in 2013, Leah filed a missing persons report for Shelley Miscavige. According to interviews, Miss Remini was not informed by the police when they apparently spoke to Mrs. Miscavige and closed the case as "unfounded." In order to clear things completely up, Leah has had her attorney, Douglas E. Mirell, file a formal records request with the LAPD to get the detailed information they found when investigating the whereabouts of her friend.

Does David Miscavige know where his wife is?

David and Shelly Miscavige had worked together from the time that Ron L.

Hubbard died to run the Church of Scientology. They were both dedicated to the religion and the teachings of the late founder. In 2005, however, insiders say that David Miscavige was extremely angry over some changes Shelly had implemented at the base in Helmet, California while he had been staying in Los Angeles.

According to Radar Online it was about a week later that Shelly vanished. That would put her disappearance in late August or early September of 2005.

The last time anyone can say they publicly saw Shelly Miscavige is in 2007. While some claim that her husband has her stashed away somewhere as punishment, there is no proof that this is true.

The bottom line is why all the secrecy? Leah Remini's concern for her friend is warranted at this point.

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