Lala Kent has announced that she is leaving "Vanderpump Rules" after a season and a half. The rumors and accusations of her co-stars about her boyfriend have been vicious. They say she is seeing a married man which Kent vehemently denies. She says her guy is not a cheater.

What does Lala want to do next?

On "The Tomorrow Show" on Thursday she told the host Keven Undergaro a little more about her life. When asked what she wanted to do in the future she expressed an interest in being on "WAGS." Yep.

That's right. The one that means "wives and girlfriends of sport stars." So that leads to the conclusion that she is dating a professional athlete. To take assumptions a bit further, let's think back to when she invited a couple to join her on a trip to Florida to see a professional football game. Do we have the right trail of breadcrumbs here?

When they asked why her boyfriend never showed up on the set of "Vanderpump Rules" she said bluntly that he wouldn't mess up his endorsement deals over appearing on a reality show like that.

We don't know an exact date when Lala Kent plans to leave "Vanderpump Rules" but her heart sure isn't there anymore. The spin-off from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is in her rear view mirror and we will have to wait and see where she lands next.

Who will the mean girls target next?

Lala Kent does offer that she thinks Scheana will be the next one to be in the line of fire of the mean girls. They like to gang up on one and she has the makings of a target according to Lala.

She feels that Scheana is kind of stupid, weak and conflicted. She does say that James has met her beau. Apparently the secret guy is somewhat insecure over James because he and Lala hooked up in the past. Though it was only once, Lala says he may worry that it could happen again.

We will have to continue to tune in to "Vanderpump Rules" to see if Lala Kent's predictions come to pass. Also, we have to wonder if her boyfriend will go public with her once she has officially left the set of the reality series.

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