Lady Gaga (30) revealed that she suffers from a mental illness called 'post-traumatic stress disorder' (PTSD), as a result of having been raped when she was 19. The pop star made this shocking confession on NBC 's "Today Show," where they showed the meeting that the singer had with young people of the LGBT community at the Ali Forney Centre in New York. It took the artist seven years of her life to recover from that violent event and to this day she struggles with the anxiety disorder caused by that situation.


The pop star is overcoming that painful fact with the help of doctors, her family and friends.

Her brilliant artistic career also helped her through difficult times. Lady Gaga has triumphed as a singer, actress and fashion designer. She has an estimated net worth of $275 million and she is only 30-years-old. She is also an enthusiastic activist of various humanitarian causes and particulary supports the LGBT community. That is why she encourages young people to keep hope in the future even though they have experienced traumatic events.


In 2014 Lady Gaga publicly confessed to having been raped when she was 19, causing commotion in the media. The artist expressed everything she felt in the song "Swine" from the album "Artpop," dedicated to that terrible fact. The singer never revealed the name of the criminal, only said that he was a man 20 years older than her.

Many speculated that the rapist of the pop star was the music producer Dr Luke (41), who was accused of harassing singer Kesha (29).

After that shocking public confession, Lady Gaga felt the need to help all those who went through traumatic events, because that way she heals herself. The singer also turned to psychological therapy and meditation to improve her mental health, both of which gave her good results.

She could not take that violent act for a long time, but when she finally did, she was relieved. Although her best way to overcome has been to write wonderful songs that delight her fans around the world.

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