Lisa Rinna, one of the "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" (rhobh) stars, and Lisa Vanderpump, her fellow co-star, seemed fated to feud forever. Consequently, their recent reconciliation turned into one of the most surprising "Real Housewives" scenes in the franchise. However, another cast member, Kyle Richards, isn't quite sure about the apology, noted Bravo.

Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump seek to change?

For Lisa Vanderpump and Rinna, the opportunity to stage an apology occurred at the 40th birthday party of the newest member of the RHOBH cast, Dorit Kemsley. But although the apology earned the spotlight for the "Real Housewives" episode, it may not have convinced everyone.

Instead, there's more subtle shade than Kim Kardashian ever threw at Taylor Swift.

Kyie Richards pointed out that although Vanderpump and Rinna "may" have the ability to take all that conflict from the past and sweep it under one of those luxurious carpets in their Beverly Hills mansions, that doesn't mean the end of the awkwardness between the two RHOBH stars.

'Real Housewives' tension will always remain?

Richards went so far as to issue a prediction for what will happen when it comes to the relationships of Lisa Rinna and Vanderpump.

"There's always gonna be a little [tension]," predicted Kyle.

But in her blog, Rinna clarified just why she had decided to apologize to Lisa Vanderpump.

'RHOBH' apology: real or fake?

Regardless of what others may think, Lisa Rinna emphasized that her apology was real.

"I meant what I said," emphasized Rinna about her apology to Lisa Vanderpump.

So what does Vanderpump think about the apology? Bring on the entertaining intrigue, because this Lisa is more than a tad tempted to add fuel to the feud fire.

Lisa Vanderpump sounds off

For Lisa Vanderpump, the apology offered confirmation of what she had already known. Vanderpump noted that "of course" Rinna desires to move on.

"I would too if I had challenged a friendship with no regard for the history between us," stated Vanderpump.

Kyle Richards offers her insights

When it comes to the dynamics of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" friendships, Kyle Richards told People magazine that all of the cast members "want to do the politically correct things."

But Richards served up a reality check.

"It just doesn't always work out that way," pointed out Kyle.

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