Earlier today, the Rolling Stones folks, dropped this new teaser clip (below) for their new track, labeled: "Ride Em On Down," and it turns out that they wanted to get the former, leading lady Kristen Stewart, from all the Twilight Saga flicks to be in it. You guys remember those Twilight movies, right? Of course you do. They made everyone lose their freaking minds.

Cruisin down the street

Anyways, the clip starts off, giving us a skyline view. Then it quickly shifts to our lovely Kristen Stewart, revving up the engine of a blue car and shifting gears to go blazing down the street with some music music, playing, of course.

The clip caps off with Kristen, looking as cool as she wants to be from a right side angle view. She's sporting some cool sunglasses and gives the camera a stare before it blacked out.

It's happening tomorrow

Again, this was just a teaser clip. The full video is scheduled to drop tomorrow, Friday, December 2nd at approximately 7am, so all of you K-Stew and Rolling Stone fans will want to be on the lookout for that tomorrow. I'm sure it will be quite entertaining. I'm curious to see how many scenes Kristen will be included in.

I imagine it'll go back and forth, showing her blazing down the street and what not. It also may show her getting out of the car and doing some other stuff. Who knows?

Their 25th freaking album

As for the ‘Ride ‘Em On Down’ single. It's from the Stones' upcoming 23rd British album and their 25th American studio album, named "Blue & Lonesome." Just like the K-Stew video, the entire album is set to release tomorrow as well.

This latest installment is going to only feature cover songs, and it's their very first studio album to get released since way back in 2005.

Only 3 days to make

The album, reportedly, only took them about three days to record, and they did it at the British Grove Studios in west London. It has them, returning to the stuff they put out in their earlier days, and will include 12 tracks that will feature stuff from: Jimmy Reed, Willie Dixon, Eddie Taylor and Howlin’ Wolf.

Eric Clapton also shows up on two of the songs. Stay tuned.

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