Alright, so as previously reported, former Twilight Saga babe, Kristen Stewart, was recently hired by the very famous Rolling Stones band to be the actress in their latest music video for their song titled: "Ride Em On Down," and man does she do a good job of animating the hell out of it, sporting a very sexy tight pair of jeans. Does some very sexy dancing in the streets. She's also seen, getting pulled over at one point to get asked a question, and more. The short teaser clip, released yesterday.

Today, we have the full 3:17 clip (below) for you guys.

A Blue Mustang is in effect

The video, starts out, showing Kristen, exiting a store after purchasing a few things. She looks around for a bit before deciding to go ahead and walk to her car, which happens to be a blue Mustang. She's looking good too, sporting her classic tight jeans and short belly shirt. Next, we see her turn those keys to flip on the ignition to start cruising down the road. We also, finally, hear the music for the "Ride Em On Down" song, kick in.

The driving gets pretty wild

In the next scene, Kristen is spotted, expressing how much she's liking the song as she bobs her head while sucking on a blue lollipop. She's also looking really cool, sporting a pair of sunglasses. As the scene continues, we see Kristen's character, get even more into the music, beating on the steering wheel and dancing to the point where she's not really paying attention to the road anymore.

She starts swerving all over the place. It's quite entertaining.

Someone's getting down with her bad self

After it looks like she's about to get into an accident, we see her singing the words to the song, followed by her, sticking half her body out of the window after she shifts gears to go even faster. In this next scene, things really get good when she stops to get some gas. She's seen , doing her classic smoking, followed up with some very sexy dancing to the band's song.

I mean, she really gets into it too. Again, I think she really looks hot in those tight jeans. She hasn't missed a beat.

A weird pullover scene

Anyways, she eventually, jumps back in her ride. At one point, she finds a car, that is engulfed in flames, to be really interesting when she passes by it. Then some dude, posing as a police officer, pulls her over to ask here where she got the gas. She tells him, and the conversation ends with K-Stew, telling him, he should probably get out of here. It was kind of a strange scene, but whatever. It's a music video. What do you expect?

She flips us the bird

Anyways, on to the next scene. Kristen shifts gears to go speeding again, but has to stop for a zebra at one point. After that, she really rocks it out by doing a couple of donut 360 spins on the wet pavement that she's driving on. Shortly after that, the clip caps off with her, driving off to where ever, and flipping us her classic middle finger. I loved it. Check it out, below.

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