The Christmas tree, which has origins in Germanic paganism, is one of the most recognized symbols of Christmas, festooned with decorations and lights. On Christmas day, hundreds of millions of families will gather underneath their trees to open presents just before starting to prepare dinner. Even in non-Christian countries, such as Iraq and Sri Lanka, Christmas trees have become symbols of unity and peace that have transcended religious traditions. However, at the Kourtney Kardashian household, the Christmas tree has become a symbol of what some might consider wretched excess or at least enthusiasm for decoration.

Most people, even the president of the United States, make do with one Christmas tree, where the family is drawn to on Christmas day. However, the Kardashian house has six Christmas trees, two in the main entryway, one in the living room, and one each in each of the kids’ bedrooms. Each Kardashian child gets his or her own Christmas tree. The arrangement will certainly make extra work for Santa when he comes calling. Kardashian hired a professional designer named Jeff Leatham to do the decorations.

To be sure, when one has become wealthy from being famous for being famous, one has a lot of disposable income to spend. Six Christmas trees would seem to be excessive, but at least Ms. Kardashian was kind enough to open her home for EOnline so that everyone can enjoy the work she had Leatham do to make her home into a Christmas wonderland.

The exercise reminds one of the occasional suburban Christmas enthusiast who turns his home into a sound and light show that exudes the spirit of the holiday and caused traffic jams as people come from miles around to look upon the spectacle with wonder.

The whole thing brings up a reoccurring debate. Is Christmas a time to recall the birth of a simple son of a carpenter who grew up to change the course of history or is it the occasion for a Saturnalia-like revelry? There is nothing wrong with the latter, but some might think that some regard might be made for the former from time to time.

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