Kim Kardashian (36) attended a Christmas party with her mother Kris Jenner (61) in Los Angeles. The socialite is gradually returning to public life after having suffered a violent robbery in Paris and having accompanied her husband Kanye West (39), while hospitalized for a temporary psychotic break. During this week the reality superstar gave clear signs of coming back to her normal life.' On Monday, a photo was published from a photo she did for Love magazine. Then, she returned to social media, opening a new account on Instagram where she posted sexy pics and sexy videos.


It is known that Kim loves the Christmas season so it is not strange that she had chosen a Christmas party to make her first public appearance after two and a half months of confinement. The reality superstar attended the event with her mother, there she met Celebrities like Kate Hudson (37), Rita Wison (60) and Courtney Cox (52), among others. During the party she was in a good mood and even encouraged to pose for a photo with a friend. Although this event is not fabulous, it is good news that 'Kiki' has returned to be the celebrity she always was.

A good future

KIm and her husband had a very hard year and that's why the socialite wants to organize the best Christmas for 'Yeezus' and their children. The reality superstar will not let the sad events of this year ruin her favorite celebration. The couple is angry with the media because it is rumored that they want to divorce, which is completely false. The two were together last night at their L.A.

mansion with their kids, enjoying a family evening. Although both are going through hard times, that does not mean that they are going to divorce.

West is working on a new album, which will help him feel better and healthier. 'Kiki' has new ideas that she plans to apply in social networks. But what she wants most is to leave behind the nightmare lived in Paris, when five criminals stole 11 million dollars in jewels.

Now she understands that the most important thing is peace and family harmony.

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