Kim Kardashian and Kanye West came out of their social media hiatus to flaunt her assets, his mental wellness, and their Christmas decorations. The couple's endured a series of unfortunate events lately, including Kardashian-West's Paris attack and Kanye's subsequent (and possibly related) emotional meltdown, and rehab stint. After rumors of a Kimye split, they made a valiant effort to appear a happy, normal couple in a holiday video. What's really up with the reality TV family?

Christmas with the Kardashians

Kimmie is known for doing epic Whoville Christmas decorating. But this year, it was thought that the super couple may lack holiday spirit after Krampus spread his mischief. Kardashian has left her self-imposed Internet exile only a few times--to show off her sexy Halloween costume, do some twerking and pose for a sexy Advent calendar (imagine what's under Kim's lift-the-flap!). But other than that, the selfie queen's laid low. Then came the ugly business in which Kim and Kanye were accused of staging the robbery for insurance money.

And then Kanye West suffered some kind of mental breakdown, and Kim supposedly said she'd had enough of him.

Simply having a wonderful Kardashian Christmas

Christmas could have been pretty Grinchy for Kim, Kanye, North and Saint West. But they are nothing if not showboaters. They summoned up their collective chutzpah and put on a good face for the holidays. The couple shared photos of KK's huge decolletage arranged in front of a rather large Christmas tree.

For the family picture, Kim wore a festive, see-through blouse, and, as usual, her plastic surgery-enhanced breasts stole the show.

Deck the Halls with Kim Kardashian

DIY decorations are a growing holiday trend among celebrities. Many divas literally become the decor, displaying their nearly nude bodies with the ornaments and tinsel. Ariel Winter showed off so much thigh and buttocks in her Santa costume that it tripped obscenity filters and was dubbed pornography.

Beyonce bared so much breast with her Christmas decor that it prompted folks to call it "tacky." But the real show-stopper was "Mariah's World" reality television star Mariah Carey with her off-the-shoulder (and everything else) holiday ensembles. "Less is more" seems to be the motto for the holiday season in 2016.

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